Citi Field Seating Chart and Map

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View the seating chart at Citi Field. TicketCity seating charts can help you find the best seats at Citi Field.

Citi Field Seating Chart

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Citi Field Section Groups

  • Promenade Outfield
  • Promenade Reserved
  • Promenade Infield
  • Promenade Box
  • Promenade Gold
  • Coca-Cola Corner
  • Left Field Landing
  • Excelsior Box
  • Excelsior Gold
  • Big Apple Reserved
  • Shea Bridge Terrace
  • Right Field Reserved
  • Left Field Reserved
  • Baseline Box
  • Baseline Silver
  • Field Box
  • Metropolitan Box
  • Hyundai Club
  • Delta Club
  • The Clubhouse
  • Party Citi Deck
  • Suites
  • Standing Room

Getting to Citi Field

Citi Field 123-01 Roosevelt Ave New York, NY 11368

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