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View the seating chart at FirstEnergy Stadium Cleveland. TicketCity seating charts can help you find the best seats at FirstEnergy Stadium Cleveland. Where available, the map is interactive and offers seat views when you hover or tap on a section below.

FirstEnergy Stadium Cleveland Interactive Seating Chart

BROWNS SIDELINE32430130230331431531610410511310610710810911011111211511812212112011912512712913913013113213313413513613713814114414514614714814930430530630730830931031131231332331732231831932032132532632732832933033133233333433533633733833934034134234334434534634734834935050150251650350450550650750850951051151251351451552452554352652752852953053153253353453553653753853954054154238AB544623622317A351101102118A118B119117117120121A121B122124124132A132B135A135B139141147A145146147B148235201PRESS BOX4194352402804404963211321321191911181261261311361EAST SCOREBOARDWEST SCOREBOARDKARDIAC CLUB

FirstEnergy Stadium Cleveland Section Groups

  • Upper Level
  • Mezzanine
  • Club Level
  • Dawg Pound - 300 Level
  • Dawg Pound - 100 Level
  • Lower Level - Endzone
  • Lower Level - Corner
  • Lower Level - Sideline
  • Suites
  • Kardiac Club

Accommodations near FirstEnergy Stadium Cleveland

FirstEnergy Stadium Cleveland Address: 100 Alfred Lerner Way Cleveland, OH 44114

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