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2020 Bank of America Stadium Event Calendar

View the seating chart at Bank of America Stadium. TicketCity seating charts can help you find the best seats at Bank of America Stadium. Where available, the map is interactive and offers seat views when you hover or tap on a section below.

Bank of America Stadium Interactive Seating Chart

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Bank of America Stadium Section Groups

  • Upper Level - Endzone
  • Upper Level - Corner
  • Upper Level - Sideline
  • Middle Level - Endzone
  • Club Level
  • Club Terrace Level
  • Lower Level - Endzone
  • Lower Level - Corner
  • Lower Level - Sideline
  • Gridiron Club
  • Press Box
  • Suites

Accommodations near Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium Address: 800 S. Mint St. Charlotte, NC 28202

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