KeyBank Center Seating Chart and Map

2020 KeyBank Center Event Calendar

View the seating chart at KeyBank Center. TicketCity seating charts can help you find the best seats at KeyBank Center.

KeyBank Center Seating Chart

30030130230330430530630730830931031131231331431531631731831932032132232332432532632721621721821922020520620720820910010110210310410510610710810911011111211311411511611711811912012112212321521421321021121222120422222322422522620320220120022113111422112216114111711711111MEET&GREETZONESEATINGSUITESPARKINGPACKAGESBOXHBOXFLR 1FLR 2FLR 3FLR 6FLR 5FLR 4FLR 10FLR 8FLR 7FLR 9

KeyBank Center Section Groups

  • Floor
  • Lower Level
  • Club Level
  • Upper Level
  • Suites
  • Zone Seating
  • Package
  • Meet and Greet
  • Parking

Getting to KeyBank Center

KeyBank Center One Seymour H. Knox III Plaza Buffalo, NY 14203

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