Jordan-Hare Stadium Seating Chart and Map

2021 Jordan-Hare Stadium Event Calendar

View the seating chart at Jordan-Hare Stadium. TicketCity seating charts can help you find the best seats at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Jordan-Hare Stadium Seating Chart

123456789101112121314141516171819202122232321222425262728293031323334353536373738394041424344444546466261605958575655545352515049484799100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114SUITESNELSON CLUBSOUTH CLUBNORTH CLUBAUBURN SIDELINEVISITOR SIDELINE12728561272856136135

Jordan-Hare Stadium Section Groups

  • Lower Level - Endzone
  • Lower Level - Corner
  • Lower Level - Sideline
  • Upper Level - Sideline
  • South Club
  • North Club
  • Nelson Club
  • Suites

Getting to Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadium 2047 Eaves Memorial Coliseum Auburn, AL 36849

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